Carpet Staplers

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Carpet Stapler

Crain carpet staplers are the best carpet staplers on the market. Since carpet staplers are so important to professional carpet installations. Buy Carpet Installation tools by Crain. Carpet Stretchers, Power Stretchers, Knee Kickers, Jamb Saws

   #615 Kitcarpet stapler, carpet staplers, carpet tackers


Pro Carpet Stapler Kit

Crain's Pro Carpet Stapler Kit is a proven winner for it's power, durability, and economical pricing. Features a powerful 11 amp. solenoid that drives into hardwoods, a jam-resistant magazine that holds 100 staples, and an easy access driver channel for quick removal of broken staples. Low overall height fits under stair risers. Its pointed tip parts carpet yarns. High impact plastic shell makes it highly durable and long lasting in use. Rounded cap, fits under stair risers easily. Carrying case and safety glasses. Also equipped with trigger-lock for safety. Made by Crain Tools.

   Quantity Pro Stapler Kit    Price $139.90
   Quantity #619D Div. Point Staples 1/8" x 9/16" (5000) Price $9.90

carpet staplercarpet stair clawcarpet stapler

Carpet Stapler Stair Claw

This new tool provides a simple means of stretching stairs and forming carpet around the stair nosing. Hook the claw on the stair and pull the handle down. The pulling action of the gripper teeth stretches the carpet across the stair while the bottom side tucks it up under the stair nose. Recesses in the bottom edge makes for easy stapling. The stair claw makes a tough job easier!  Carpet staplers, carpet stapler. Made by Crain Tools.

   Quantity 518 Stair Claw                   Price $35.50


carpet stapler remover



Carpet Stapler Remover  

This heavy-duty tool speeds removal of staples in under-layment or in carpets stapled closed to the wall. Constructed of aluminum, with steel staple hook. Carpet staplers, Carpet stapler.

   Quantity Staple Remover. Price $7.60


Carpet Staplers By Crain