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Carpet Stretchers

Crain carpet stretchers are the best carpet stretchers on the market. Since a carpet stretcher is so important why settle for any thing less then the best. Crain Carpet Stretchers.

Carpet Stretchers, Power Stretchers, Knee Kickers, Carpet Irons, Jamb Saws


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502E Economy Carpet Stretcher  Includes adjustable head with pins. 2 piece transfer tube. 4 locking extension tubes and carrying case. Stretcher adjusts from 3' to 22'
   Quantity Economy Carpet Stretcher. Price $399.00


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500 Single Case Stretcher Single case stretcher comes with all the Junior Power Stretcher components, but the single case design saves money. The case is blow-molded from high-density plastic, and features industrial quality double wall construction. Its custom interior holds the Driving Head, Speed Roller Tail Block, Transfer Tube Section, 3 Extension Tubes, and One Auto-Lock Tube. Made by Crain Tools. New case with wheels.
   Quantity 500 Single Case Stretcher. Price $510.00


 carpet stretcher, carpet stretchers, crain carpet stretchers

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499 Double Case Stretcher  Crain Jr. power stretcher has features that you'd expect in more expensive power stretcher. Comes complete with adjustable locking power head, Auto lock tube, 3 extension tube sections, 1 transfer tube section, speed roller tail block, and cases. Adjustments from 35" to 22 ft.. The double cases takes the strain off your back and arms. Made by Crain Tools. New cases with wheels.
   Quantity 499 Double Case Stretcher.  Price $565.00



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 520 Swivel-Lock Stretcher gives you the benefits of both straight and swivel heads in one. The head has a 60 range of free swivel for stretching patterned carpet. By depressing the built-in lock pin, you can lock the swivel in 5 convenient positions. Lock in the straight position for square stretching, or at 15 for most angle stretching. There's even a 30 setting for extreme angles found in L shaped living/dining rooms. Also features our adjustable locking lever for partial stretches. Pin depth adjustment bar allows for variable pin depth penetration for different carpet thicknesses. Adjusts with two screws in the pin plate. This tool gives the ultimate in power stretching control! Available in double case model only. Made by Crain Tools.

   Quantity 520 Swivel-Lock Stretcher. Price $580.00

Carpet Stretchers