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Flooring Tool Kits

Carpet Installation Tool Kits and Vinyl Flooring Welding Tool Kits.


carpet installation tools

The carpet tool installers kit has been designed to incorporate the basic carpet flooring installation tools for the professional. The kit saves you money! Included are: 24" tool box, knee kicker, deluxe trimmer, back cutter, strip cutter, knife pouch, chalk box and 8 oz. chalk, seam applicator bottle, razor blade knife, utility knife, molding lifter, 20oz. hammer, stair tool and duck nap shear.

   Quantity 950 Carpet Installers tool kit. Price $434.00

crain welding kit,crain vinyl welding kit

Vinyl Welding tool installers Kit. Kit comes with all the tools you need to do basic vinyl flooring welding. Vinyl Flooring Welding Kit  (Includes: No.975, Mo. 980, No. 983, No. 985, No. 986, Instructions and Metal Carrying Case.) Great for rental.
   Quantity 988 Vinyl Welding Kit. Price $1195.00

Carpet Installation Tool Kit

Flooring Tool Kits

Carpet Tools, Carpet Stretchers, Crain Jamb Saws, Carpet Staplers, Carpet Knee Kickers, Carpet Tools

Crain carpet tools, Carpet stretchers, power stretcher, knee kickers, knee kicker, and vinyl welding tools.