Crain Carpet Floor Scraper / Stripper

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Floor Scrapers / Floor Strippers

The Crain scraper are the best floor scraper on the market. Since a floor scraper is so important why settle for any thing less then a Crain Tool floor scraper.


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390 Inertial Scraper This new scraper helps you plow through the toughest vinyl tile and ceramic tile removal jobs with less effort. Its metal handle is weighted to produce inertia, and has rounded edges to prevent core palms. Its beefed-up carrier has 3 tightening screws. Comes with one 5" blade. Made by Crain Tools.

   Quantity   390 Inertial Scraper               Price $20.65ea.

   Quantity Replacement Blades (10)       Price $10.95 ea.





375S Short Big Scraper This tool features a wide heavy-duty replacement blade and a twist-lock adjustable telescoping handle.  A perfect tool for removal of vinyl tile and ceramic tile floor preparation work, but not recommended for heavy-duty prying floor removal work. Size 26" x 8". Made by Crain Tools.

   Quantity 375S Short Big Scraper.              Price $29.66 ea.
   Quantity 376 8" Replacement Blades (3) Price $5.29 per vial.
   Quantity 377 8" Replacement Blades (9) Price $12.85 per vial.



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700 Bearcat Stripper Machine Removes vinyl tile and ceramic tile faster and easier than ever before with one our tile strippers. These units are very portable and make quick work of any tile removal job 3/4" HP - 110 volt motor. Cam-driven oscillating blade no belts or pulleys. Adjustable for many jobs. Blade not included. Made by Crain Tools.

   Quantity Bearcat Stripper Machine         Price $1340.00 ea.

   Quantity 3" x 10" Multi-Purpose Blade    Price $20.50 ea.