Crain Carpet Seaming Rollers

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Carpet Seaming Rollers

Crain Carpet Seaming Rollers are best Carpet Seaming Rollers on the market. Since Carpet Seaming Rollers are so important why settle for any thing less then a Crain Tool Carpet Seaming Rollers.

Carpet Seaming Rollers, carpet tools

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435, 436, & 438 Seaming Rollers. The pivoting axle of the Flex Roller pulls seams together, while mixing the fibers for less visible seams. They Have spiked wheels that press through the pile to seal the carpet's back into the hot melt adhesives 

   Quantity #435 Flex Axle Roller 4" Wide. Price $32.00
   Quantity #436 Straight Axle Roller 4" Wide. Price $19.20
   Quantity #438 Straight Axle Roller 6" Wide Price $23.95


seaming rollers

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180 Seam Squeezer Set These powerful squeezing springs force cushion-back carpet together, producing an improved seam. The gripper pins hold in the nap and maintain an inward squeezing force. The inward pressure can be perfectly regulated as desired. Sold in pairs. Made by Crain Tools.
   Quantity Seam Squeezer Set             Price $52.00 set.