Carpet Shears

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Carpet Shears

Carpet shears from Crain are the best carpet shears on the market. Since carpet shears are so important to a professional carpet installer, why settle for cheap home center shears when you can buy the best online. Crain Tools carpet shears. Carpet Stretchers, Power Stretchers, Carpet Irons, Jamb Saws.


Big Loop Napping Carpet Shears

carpet shears

Big Loop Napping Carpet Shears. These nap shears feature offset handles for level cutting, with big, vinyl-coated loops for ease of grip. The flat duck bill blade won't gouge in use. These shears are made of forged and polished stainless steel with coated handles. (7") By Crain Tools.
   Quantity Big Loop Shears    Price $21.40 ea.



Duckbill Napping Carpet Shears

190_cmyk.jpg (11156 bytes)

Duckbill Napping Carpet Shears. Feature offset handles for level cutting. Flat duckbill blade won't gouge in use. Forged and polished stainless steel, with plastic coated handles for comfort. (6") By Crain Tools.
   Quantity Duckbill Napping Shears    Price $18.50 ea.



8" Carpet Shears

carpet shears

8" Carpet Shears Nickel plated with black offset handles for easy napping. (8") By Crain Tools.
   Quantity 8" Carpet Shears     Price $25.80 ea.


Shears Carpet

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