Crain Carpet Stretcher Accessories

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Crain carpet stretchers and accessories in stock.

Carpet Stretchers, Power Stretchers, Knee Kickers, Carpet Irons, Jamb Saws

501 Auto-Lok Tube Adjust your stretcher poles in a flash with our Auto-Lok Tube! Just push back on your tubes to extend, push buttons and pull back to shorten. A proven time saver! Works with other junior power stretchers with standard size poles.

   Quantity Auto-lok Tube. Price $89.95

 #502 carpet stretcher,crain carpet stretchers Click On Picture

Crain Extension Tube Sections tubes give you extra length for big jobs.

   Quantity Steel Extension Tube 3'.  Price $58.00
   Quantity Aluminum Extension Tube 3'.  Price $63.80
   Quantity Aluminum Extension Tube 5'.  Price $99.95

Cotton Grip Head recommended for Berbers and low level commercial carpets. Every Power stretcher should have one.

   Quantity 500Z Cotton Grip Head Fits 499-500 stretchers. Price $132.00
   Quantity 520Z Cotton Grip Head Fits 520 Stretcher.  Price $154.34