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Carpet Trimmers

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Crain carpet trimmers are the best carpet trimmers on the market. Since carpet trimmers are so important why settle for home center quality carpet Trimmers.


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245 Crain Deluxe Carpet Trimmer This conventional carpet trimmers now has a four-position adjustable throat to accommodate varying pile height and density, and a shim height adjustment system. Features easy loading blade holders, vinyl-coated ratchet mounted handle pivots to permit trimming under toe spaces and stainless steel angle wall runners to eliminate marking and minimize rust.  Uses #184 Blade. Made by Crain Tools.


   Quantity Crain Deluxe Carpet Trimmer   Price $56.80ea.

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305 "Z" Bar Trimmer Cuts a proper overlap to fit under "Z" bar. Cuts straight or contour edges to fit quarry tiles or flat installations. Comes with free turning tool! Uses #306 Blade. Made by Crain Tools.

   Quantity "Z" Bar Trimmer                        Price $40.40 ea.

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297 Molding Trimmer Cuts the proper length of carpet to tuck under vinyl moldings. Cuts straight or contour edges. Blade angle cuts from the carpet's backing. Feature's rugged one-piece fiberglass- reinforced plastic construction. Uses #300Y Blade. Made by Crain Tools.


   Quantity 297 Molding Trimmer                    Price $23.75 ea.

Replacement Blades For Above Trimmers

   Quantity #184 Univ. Trimmer Blades (12).                    Price $2.66 ea pack.
   Quantity #184C Univ. Trimmer Blades (100).                Price $15.39 ea. pack.

   Quantity #306 Slotted Blades 5 pack.                        Price $1.65 ea. pack.

   Quantity #306C Slotted Blades 100 per pack.            Price $14.50 ea. pack.

   Quantity #300Y Univ. Trimmer Blades (10)            Price $8.34 ea. pack.

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